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Annual Consulting Retainer

New Pinnacle Consulting Group offers this Annual Consulting Retainer for those employers looking for general assistance with their retirement plan throughout the year. This allows you to choose exactly the services you need. This way, you can have New Pinnacle Consulting Group's experts perform specific responsibilities and/or answer specific questions that arise.


The Annual Consulting Retainer provides:



Comprehensive examination of your current retirement plan provisions and administrative practice.

testing.pngNon Descrimination Testing

Contribution Limit Calculations 401(a)(17), 415, 402(g), 414(v) and 402(g)(7), Eligibility Compliance Review, Technical Assistance with Corrections.

Annual Form 5500/8955

Prepare Form 5500 based on information provided by investment provider and prepare annual Form 8955 SSA filing.

Summary Annual Report

Prepare Summary Annual Report [SAR] for distribution to plan participants, provide assistance and support with annual fee disclosures.

Summary of Material Modification

Provide required notices for distribution and prepare plan amendments and Summary of Material Modification [SMM].

Information Sharing Agreement

Complete and maintain Information Sharing Agreement [ISA].

Consulting Services

Ten hours of consulting services for other compliance topics based on client direction.

Information Sharing Agreement

Complete and maintain Information Sharing Agreement [ISA].

Prior Year 5500/8955

Prior year 5500/8955 filing amendments.

We provide our clients with the highest level of expertise, efficiency and proven procedures in the industry.