New Pinnacle Consulting Group offers a variety of services so you and your employees can get the most from your retirement plan. We provide custom plan design and implementation, comprehensive compliance support, and services for all aspects of plan administration. Whether you are starting a new plan or need assistance with your current plan, we are here to help.

Comprehensive Retirement Plan Compliance Services

Compliance requirements can be complex, time-consuming and expensive if missed or completed incorrectly. NPCG’s Comprehensive Compliance Package provides support for all reporting, disclosure and compliance testing your plan requires. Our goal is to help ease the burden and ensure that you're meeting all legal and regulatory requirements, both now and in the future.


Annual Consulting Retainer

NPCG offers this Annual Consulting Retainer for those employers looking for general assistance with their retirement plan throughout the year. This allows you to choose exactly the services you need. This way, you can have NPCG’s experts perform specific responsibilities and/or answer specific questions that arise. 


Compliance Review

NPCG’s Compliance Review provides a comprehensive examination of your current retirement plan provisions and administrative practice. This will provide you with an excellent basis to prepare an accurate plan document and addresses any compliance concerns.


Plan Document Services

NPCG is also available to provide assistance with your plan documents. We will work directly with you and/or your attorney to complete the plan document questionnaires, as well as draft or update your plan document, adoption agreement and SPD. If you do not currently have an attorney, we have an established network of firms we can recommend that provide both legal and other support.


Distribution Services

NPCG’s Distribution Services Package will allow you to outsource the distribution of required annual notices to us. This includes: the Universal Availability Notice, Summary Annual Report (SAR), Annual Fee Disclosure, Qualified Default Investment Notice, Summary of Material Modification (SMM) and other required notices or disclosures. The package fee includes all material and postage.

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Welfare Insurance Plan Form 5500 Preparation

If you need assistance with the preparation and filing of required Form 5500 for welfare insurance plans, Section 125 plans and other ERISA plans, NPCG can provide their expertise on these as well.